Karen Chudobiak, Graphic Designer
Certified Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada
September 22 | 2019
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In order to create something, one needs to have the proper skills to make the path from creation to reality a smooth process.

Do you know what FTP, CSS, RGB, resolution, dieline, crop marks, spot colors, bleeds mean? You need a professional who can design and translate industry jargon for you.

Tangible Collateral

Whether you need subtle or high impact design, Karen can take your idea or campaign and mold it into effective collateral - ads, posters, postcards, tradeshow booths, banners.
  • Print Design Services
    Design and layout artwork. Prepare for printing.
  • Logo Design
    Design logo and supply files in varying formats (JPEG, GIF, EPS) in various colors (spot, CMYK, black & white).
  • Design Editing
    Edit and update existing files built in only standard desktop publishing programs.
  • Prepress Production
    Take an existing design and prepare or rebuild correctly for press.

Virtual Impact

Do you require interactive advertising that showcases your idea or business? Karen can assess your business' needs and promote it through appealing yet practical web design or HTML email.
  • Web Design & Development
    Web architecture building, original web design and coding of the website in HTML and CSS.
  • Web Design
    Web design and working with your team of programmers.
  • Web Development
    Working with another designer by taking their design, breaking it down into graphics and coding the website in HTML and CSS.
  • HTML Email
    Original design and coding of the email in HTML.